Sweet Rest Shower Burst

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Sweet Rest Shower Burst is adjacent to our Sweet Rest Bath Soaks, except it's made for the shower. After having a long hard day, taking a nice warm/hot shower along with our sweet rest shower burst can put your mind and body at rest, 

The water will cause the shower burst to start dissolving.  Depends on direct contact of water and how long each shower will take.

Directions: Simply place the shower burst under the shower head as you're getting in the shower (not in direct flow of the water coming to you) and as the water hits the shower burst, it will release essential oils like lavender & bergamot to calm the stress, anxiety, and restlessness as you breathe in the aroma.

Made with essential oils to help bring aromatherapy advantages to the body and mind. 

*Please take advice from your doctor prior to using any elements in your bath or shower which has essentials oils. This product was neither created to cure nor to claim to be guaranteed to alleviate stress, fatigue, allergy/sinus, etc. We make no medical claim.

Key Ingredients:

Essential (oils) Lavender & Bergamot with citric acid & sodium bicarbonate