Power Bath Soaks

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Power Bath Soaks may help give relief from congestion, encourage breathing, clear nasal passageways, ease muscle pain, soreness, fatigue, and stimulate immune system. Use bath soaks with your normal bath water. It is recommended to get  the water as warm as you can tolerate to soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes.


LARGE POUCH is 1 pound

Directions: pour the amount you choose into your already filled warm bath water. Enjoy the aromatherapy and minerals

Bath Soaks for both men and women. Whether its taking a nice hot bath when you get up in the morning to help perk you up to get your day started or it's late night to help ease the pain and relaxation for a great night of rest. These bath soaks are good anytime of the day.

Made with essential oils to help bring many advantages to the body and mind. This is aromatherapy, as well as natural remedies for pains, breathing issues, and so much more. Essential oils have been making a come back and proving to be a great way to bring about healing naturally.

*Please take advice from your doctor prior to using any elements in your bath which has epsom salt and essentials oils. This product was neither created to cure nor claim guarantee to ease any symptoms, mentally, emotionally or physically. We make no medical claim.

Key Ingredients:(Oils) Eucalyptus & Frankincense (other) ginger, vanilla & sandalwood (salts) dead sea salts, solar sea salts, magnesium sulfate