Legacy Matters Fabric Face Mask

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Legacy Matters Fabric Face Mask...

Made with nose wire for a better fit around the nose. The mask can either fit snuggly behind the ear with the elastic wrapping around the ear or made with elastic to go around the mid-top and bottom of the head for a secure fit. 

Masks are made to order. Choice of elastic will be given via email after order has been received. They have patterns on front side & solid colors on back of each mask. Legacy Matters will be added on these masks via silver or silver glitter vinyl or you can choose from selection of vinyl color.

*Each pattern is available until fabric has sold out. 

*Elastic colors may change depending on availability. Orders are while fabric selection lasts. Fabric patterns will change as fabric is limited to acquire due to COVID-19 Pandemic. 

*Mask are recommended to be washed as needed and can be done in the washing machine or by hand.

*Mask are to be used as protection to slower the spread of germs, bacteria & viruses, but does not guarantee complete protection of either. 2 layer mask assist with more protection then not wearing masks.

We recommend purchasing 2 facial masks. One clean facial mask to have on hand when the other gets soiled. This way you will always have one clean when needed.

** See link for CDC recommendation for cloth face mask