80% Moisturizing Alcohol Rinse-Free Cleansing Hand Spray

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80% Moisturizing Alcohol Rinse-Free Cleansing Hand Spray

(2 sizes available)

Evaporates in seconds when applied to hands leaving them feeling clean, moisturized and smooth. This product doesn't dry your hands out like other alcohol cleansing products can.  Fragrance Free with:

Aloe Vera-soothing and healing

Glycerin- counteracts drying effects from alcohol plus nourishes 

Pro Vitamin B-t & Vitamin E-promotes healthy looking skin with a great feeling  to skin

According to CDC website: using ABHR (alcohol based hand rub) that has greater than 60% to 70% isopropanol. See more information regarding hand hygiene recommendations on their website to practice best ways to practice good hand hygiene and ways that can help you avoid getting sick and even spreading germs to other people. (click here)

Usage: make sure to spray enough of this product into the palm of your hands which will cover all the surface of your hands and then rub your hands together until you can feel they are dry-according to CDC. Do not apply to heavily soiled hands. 

**2 oz bottle is black matte glass. Plastic bottles are very difficult to obtain and sold out at many outlets unless you are within the healthcare industry. Please be very careful when using or handling glass. Keep product in a safe cool place and away from flames or flammable areas, etc. Please note: package will be mailed in protective packaging to help ensure package reaches each customer safely. 

**We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries in using this product or handling the product/glass container.