About Us

Signature Scents By DBL, LLC was created in 2013 Radio Personality DIVAS Boss Lady, aka DBL, in NC. She spent 1 year gaining feedback in trials about her brand. Over the course of that year, she saw that people were absolutely falling in love with her products and had no negative reactions.  

After relocating to Atlanta, GA, DBL is now proud to reintroduce her new, upgraded and improved Signature Scents by DBL line. An aromatherapy line created to speak to the inner King and Queen. This line offers products for the whole family, body, home, office and vehicle, including hand sanitizers and alcohol hand sprays.

We have created a program designed to help individuals create another stream of income by becoming a Distributor of Signature Scents By DBL, LLC as well as, get our products in local stores. Our distributors will be able to offer our unique products to their friends, families and communities to help expand our reach. 

Thank you for allowing us to bring our brand into your home, office, vehicle and sharing with your friends, families and associates. We value each of you and thank you so much for your business and support. Each of our products were designed and created with love. We hope you can feel the genuine gratitude and love from the time you receive your package, open it and use our products.

We pray each of you and your family remains safe, healthy and well while we are standing together to get through these challenging times within this world. Together, we must stand! We must be the change we want to see. Change starts within each one of us.